I have left one great team at Booz Allen for another at Rough Stone Software.  In October I made the difficult decision to leave my team at Booz Allen for Rough Stone, a growing consulting company in Pittsburgh.  It will be a pretty big shift in technology from working primarily with native desktop applications in C and C++ to Web Development and new business domains in .NET, but I’ll manage.  At the very least I know the Booz Allen core values will stick with me.  I hope to have the opportunity to not only contribute technically but also to lead and help Rough Stone and our client’s businesses grow into the future.

At Rough Stone our mission is no different than what I’m used to: help our clients get value creating products to market as quickly as possible and with as little waste as possible.  Great partners are always working as if they will be replaced tomorrow.  This requires transparency, honesty, and a treatment of time (and by extension money) as if it was your own.  This is what separates great partners from someone just out to bill hours and even from other, just good, partners.  It goes against basic instincts to work this way but it’s a requirement in order to maintain good business relationships and build a brand centered not on just technical excellence, but integrity.

I hope that by having more regular access to technology like most people in the world that I’ll be able to write more regularly, if as nothing more than an escape.  I’ll probably end up going “off topic” more regularly to touch on other topics that interest me in order to post more regularly.  Then again, that has been said every year for the last several so only time will tell.

Stay tuned.